FRENCH AURICULOTHERAPY: Treating digestive issues, and testing for food intolerances…


and their impact on migraines, muscle and joint pain, hormonal imbalance, stress, brain fog and much more.


Teachers are Rikke Godthjælp and Stephane Maugendre MD. Long only accessible to medical doctors, we are grateful for Rikke and Stéphane that they openly share their years of clinical experience with us.

This course is suitable for both beginners and experienced students. The course will be taught in English.

In this Auriculotherapy course, we will explore various techniques for the treatment and assessment of allergies and digestive disorders. Additionally, we will provide you with a foundational understanding of auriculotherapy to enable you to apply your newly acquired knowledge right away.

Auriculotherapy proves to be an invaluable tool in addressing allergies, with digestion intricately linked to allergic processes. We will also delve into the emotional and psychological aspects of allergies, uncovering the underlying reasons that often make it challenging to alleviate both digestive issues and allergic reactions. 


General objective of the program

Auriculotherapy is a fantastic tool in managing allergies, where digestion inevitably plays a role. We’ll also delve into the emotional and psychological aspects of allergies, finding reasons why it can be challenging to alleviate both digestive issues and allergic reactions.

At times, allergies can be addressed simply and quickly, while other times, it requires more effort. Food intolerance can be part of the challenge and impact digestion. Even though digestion and allergies aren’t necessarily directly linked, they can have a correlation. We’ll explore how to address digestive problems, either due to allergies or other factors.

Allergy and digestion often relate to one’s mental state. Stress, energy levels, and emotional imbalances can often be regulated through treating allergies and digestive issues.

Detailed course description

  • Auriculotherapy Fundamentals:
    • A Brief Introduction to Auriculotherapy
    • Exploring the Field’s History
  • Ear Anatomy:
    • Understanding the Anatomy of the Human Ear as Reflected on the Auricle
  • Tools and Techniques:
    • Mastering the Use of an Electrical Point Finder (PREMIO20)
    • Utilizing the VAS Method for Point Identification Through Pulse Assessment
    • White light test – Light treatment test to determine the body’s energy level

    • Chromotherapy – Specific colors related to digestion and allergy

  • Allergies and Digestion:
    • Identifying Crucial Auricular Points Relating to Allergies and Digestive Health
  • Food Intolerance Analysis:
    • Crafting and Implementing a Food Intolerance Filter
    • Proficiently Conducting Searches and Treatment Using the Filter
  • Holistic Understanding:
    • Unraveling the Intricate Relationship Between Allergies, Digestion, and Food Intolerance


Basel, SWITZERLAND (exact location will be communicated after the sign up has been completed)


2.5 days. Friday the 8th of March in the afternoon till Sunday March 10th 2024

Who are we and what can we do?
Rikke Godthjælp is the Founder and Owner of the GODTHJÆLP MAUGENDRE International Institute, established in 2003 in Denmark. She is specialized in Auriculotherapy, Auriculomedicine, Posturology and Chromotherapy. Rikke has been practicing and teaching Auriculotherapy, Auriculomedicine, Posturology, and Chromotherapy since 2004 and 2010, respectively.

Stéphane Maugendre MD is a French medical doctor and GP. He specializes in Auriculotherapy. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Paris and the school of the GLEM in Lyon. Stéphane is a GLEM Diploma teacher and Head of the Auriculotherapy Commission GETCOP, in France. He teaches at the GODTHJÆLP MAUGENDRE International Institute in Copenhagen. He was chosen by the Rothschild Foundation Hospital for a special pain unit, treating those who struggle to find help elsewhere.


Seminar Cost

  • 490CHF.
  • Student discount available.
  • TCM Fachverband discount available.  


Accredited TCM Fachverband (Switzerland).

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French Auriculotherapy, is awell-kept secret in the realm of holistic healthcare, delivering remarkable clinical outcomes. Its effectiveness in addressing various health concerns, from pain management to stress reduction, makes it a valuable yet underutilized therapeutic tool with the potential to significantly enhance well-being. Limited seats available, sign up now!

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